Meet the Team

Fred Aldridge, owner - Fred is a retired military officer currently employed in law enforcement.  Home Style is the third small business he and Melissa have owned and operated together during their 24 year marriage.  Fred's special skills include driving the Home Style van, running the cash register, and carrying the heavy stuff.

Melissa Aldridge, owner - Melissa has a background in education, including teaching 1st grade for 5 years.  Because of her passion for design, she completed a certified interior design program in Little Rock, Arkansas.  She's a proud small business owner who's always looking for the very best products to offer to Home Style's customers.  If you have a decorating dilemma, Melissa is always willing and available to help!

Amanda Sayers, manager - Spending 10 years as a hair stylist prepared Amanda for working with customers at Home Style!  She's got a knack for listening to a customer's list of wants and then leading them to the perfect purchase.  When you stop by our shop, you'll often find Amanda rearranging and creating new displays with easy to recreate ideas.   

Heather Sokolosky, team member - After being a stay-at-home mom, Heather brought her love of home decorating here to Home Style.  The pride she takes in her home has helped her to know how to make your home just as beautiful!  You will find Heather redecorating our shop while assisting customers in finding the perfect piece for their home.  

Beverely Bell, team member - Beverely has lived in 5 states, taught school for 24 years and is mother of five wonderful kids.  No matter how busy life gets, her top priority is to keep her home a cozy and welcoming place for friends and family.  She brings that love to Home Style and finds great joy in helping you make your home a comforting place for all who enter.